Welcoming Communications Director, Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas Headshot in black and white

Chicken & Egg Pictures is thrilled to welcome Hannah Thomas as our first-ever Communications Director. She will lead the organization’s storytelling efforts, strategizing the narratives that amplify our work, uplift our community, and contribute to making the film ecosystem a more equitable one. 

“Today marks a pivotal moment as we warmly welcome Hannah Thomas to our team as our inaugural Communications Director,” said Jenni Wolfson, CEO of Chicken & Egg Pictures. “With her strong film roots and unique communications expertise, Hannah will shepherd an exciting new chapter in our journey.  We have always been ardent champions of storytellers, and now we’re poised to step into our power as a storyteller in our own right.  We look forward to seeing how Hannah guides us to new heights through the power of narrative.”

Previously, Hannah served in strategy leadership roles at social impact branding consultancies BBMG and Big Duck, helping businesses, nonprofits, and philanthropies navigate complex, high-stakes challenges in order to make the world a better place. She’s worked with organizations across spheres of social justice, arts and culture, education, philanthropy, environmentalism, and beyond. Hannah got her start learning the ropes of PR and marketing in the heart of NYC’s film community at BAM and Lincoln Center. She studied Film and Comparative Ethnic Studies at Columbia University.

“My professional experiences have taken me everywhere from well-worn, squeaky seats in beloved movie theaters to plush executive chairs in boardrooms and beyond. Across it all, I remain awed by the transformative power of a story well told. I’m fiercely committed to using my career, skillset, and leadership in service of the narratives that will steer us into a whole, just, and healed future. I believe my strategy and communications know-how, as well as my passion for the mission, make this opportunity a one of a kind fit for both Chicken & Egg Pictures and myself. I couldn’t be more excited to contribute to this emergent, urgent chapter in C&E’s extraordinary history.”