Docs by the Dozen

Docs by the Dozen


Docs by the Dozen recognizes the power of documentary shorts and series in their ability to reach millions and address important social issues, all while playing an important role in raising a filmmaker’s artistic and professional profile.

The program is designed to engage with our AlumNest, build meaningful partnerships with like minded organizations and companies, and generate artistic and innovative short films and series that can increase a filmmaker’s financial stability. The program provides talented filmmakers with the opportunity to expand their portfolios, reach broader audiences, and respond to critical social justice issues in a timely way.

Through this program, Chicken & Egg Pictures commissions short films and oversees their production, in close collaboration with the supported filmmakers and production partners. Filmmakers are selected through a request for proposal (RFP) process open to our AlumNest filmmakers. Our internal team reviews proposals and recommends shortlisted applicants to our production partner who selects the final projects to commission.

Unsolicited applications are not accepted at this time.


  • The Scientists Versus Dartmouth
    Sharon Shattuck
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    <p>Sharon Shattuck</p>

    The Scientists Versus Dartmouth

  • Overexposed
    Holly Morris
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    <p>Holly Morris </p>


  • Until She is Free
    Maria Finitzo
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    <p>Maria Finitzo </p>

    Until She is Free

Partnership with LUNA®

In 2020, Chicken & Egg Pictures partnered with LUNA® to commission three short films on the theme “Someday Is Now” in response to raised national consciousness around women’s rights. The films explore a variety of perspectives on women’s civil rights issues and female self empowerment. In 1999, LUNA® was introduced as the very first nutrition bar for women with the mission to create momentum, champion women, and spark change. In 2001, LUNAFEST® was founded as the world’s first all-women traveling film festival celebrating the work of filmmakers through nationwide screenings, in addition to making an impact at the local level by fundraising for women’s causes.

The short films produced through this partnership are screening as part of a slate of seven films in the LUNAFEST® 2021 Season.


  • 400 years in four
    Angela Tucker & Kristi Jacobson
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    <p>Angela Tucker &#038; Kristi Jacobson </p>

    400 years in four

  • Sanctuary
    Brett Story
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    <p>Brett Story </p>


  • One Shot, One Kill
    Nancy Schwartzman
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    <p>Nancy Schwartzman </p>

    One Shot, One Kill

Partnership with Mother Jones

Chicken & Egg Pictures partnered with Mother Jones to commission a three-part short series focused on gun culture in response to the onslaught of mass shootings in the US. Mother Jones is America’s longest-established investigative news organization with a reputation for high quality independent reporting. With a monthly digital audience of 6 to 10 million, the broad reach of Mother Jones extends into communities of politically engaged individuals across generations.

The short films were published on Mother Jones between August–October 2020. The production of the series was also generously supported by The Gruber Family Foundation and Ken Pelletier.