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Hopelessness isn’t an option for Ken and Sue Diviney, who provide 24-hour care in their basement-turned-rehab facility for their son who maybe, just maybe, will one day emerge from a decade long coma. Confined to an isolating life of caregiving within the four walls of their home, they now find a strange comfort in their hermetically sealed world and search for a sense of justice from the violent attack that has left them all living in a perpetual state of limbo and “what if.”

Storming is a participant of the 2019 Nest Knight Fellowship, a pilot initiative generously supported by Knight Foundation.


Katrina Sorrentino is a commercial editor, producer, and director, making her directorial debut in documentary filmmaking with Storming. Katrina is seasoned in crafting stories in 30 seconds in the commercial space, and has shifted her life’s work to capturing human stories with the potential to enlighten our perception of the world and human connections around us through documentary film.