Missing Home (The Last Days of Beijing Hutongs)

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Film phase:Completed


A story about Beijing Hutongs told through the close and personal experiences of a director raised in these disappearing neighborhoods. Beijing’s Hutongs, the traditional city structure has been fading into the shade and greatly destroyed after massive demolishing under the rapid economic boom in China. Through her unique perspectives, director Zhang Weimin spent eight years capturing and exploring the complexities of modernization and development in urban environments, and the effect it has on the cultural heritage and individual lives.



Weimin Zhang looks at the camera. Black and white portrait.

Weimin Zhang, an award-winning filmmaker, is one of China’s Sixth Generation filmmakers, a graduate of the Beijing Film Academy and School of Film, Ohio University. She has worked on numerous award-winning films, documentaries, and TV drama series in both China and the US. Her many successes include The House of Spirit (2001), The Ever Lasting Flame – Beijing 2008 (2009), and the documentary series, A World of Tea (2013).



Missing Home won the Honorable Mention Award for Nonfiction at the 66th Annual University Film and Video Association Conference in 2012, and was shortlisted for a 2012 Taipei Golden Horse Award. The film also screened at University of South Carolina and San Francisco State University in 2013, as well as both the Sedona and Athens International Film Festivals of the same year. Missing Home is available for purchase here.