Valentine Road

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At the height of the bullying scandal that rocked the U.S. in 2008, a 15-year-old boy named Larry King asked another boy to be his Valentine in a suburban schoolyard in California. The next day Larry was dead, shot in cold blood by his 14-year-old crush Brandon McInerney. Valentine Road bores deeply into homophobia, sexism, racism, and class-struggle that inform our everyday lives and reveal a truly broken justice system.



About the Director

Marta Cunningham is an accomplished actor turned first-time filmmaker. At the age of 14, Cunningham was a professional ballet dancer, and in college was awarded the prestigious Baker Scholarship at Georgetown University. She then moved to LA to pursue acting, writing, and dance. Recently, Cunningham was one of six women chosen to be part of the Sundance Institute’s Women Filmmakers Initiative, which assesses the role of women in the film industry.



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Valentine Road was selected to compete in the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and premiered on HBO in October 2013. Kicking off a burgeoning outreach campaign, the film screened for Congress with GLSEN in March 2014, and was released via Cinedigm in June of 2014. It has won over 13 awards in the film festival circuit and played to over 180 festivals worldwide.