Tocando la Luz

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Film phase:Completed


Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light) weaves three stories – all set in the blind community of Havana, Cuba – into a tale of personal independence. As Lis, Milly, and Margarita each face family problems and heartbreak, their dependence on others turns out to be a double-edged sword. From the music halls of Havana to a cinema club for the blind, their stories reveal both the pain and the joys of fighting for yourself.  

About the Director

Jennifer Redfearn looks directly at the camera; the background is completely dark. Black and white portrait.Jennifer Redfearn is an Academy Award-nominated director and producer. She directed and produced the film, Sun Come Up, about a small island community that is being displaced by climate change. Sun Come Up was nominated for an Academy Award and the International Documentary Association’s Pare Lorentz Award in 2011. It screened in theaters across the U.S. and aired on HBO. Jennifer’s feature debut, Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light) premiered at the Full Frame Documentary festival where it won the Charles E. Guggenheim Award. In her client work, Jennifer has directed and produced television documentaries for PBS, the BBC, National Geographic, CNN, and the Discovery Channel. She also produced several short documentaries and multimedia pieces for MediaStorm. Projects she produced and edited at MediaStorm were nominated for the World Press Photo, Anthropographia, and Webby awards in the multimedia and documentary categories. Jennifer holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MS in Journalism from Columbia University. She founded Red Antelope Films in 2010 with her partner Tim Metzger