Simple As Water

Film phase:Completed


A look at war and displacement through the lens of parenthood from Megan Mylan, Academy-Award winning director of Lost Boys of Sudan and Smile Pinki. This feature documentary unfolds as a sequence of cinematic short stories revolving around Syrian families living in Turkey, Greece, the US, Germany, and Syria. Each chapter is an intimate portrait of parents—often mothers alone—as they work to rebuild their children’s lost sense of security and possibility. It is a story that is both urgent and timeless.


Megan Mylan looks directly at the camera reclining her hands on her knees and smiles widely. Black and white portrait.Megan Mylan creates intimate observational nonfiction films. She has been recognized with an Academy Award®, Emmy nominations, an Independent Spirit Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her work includes: Smile Pinki, Lost Boys of Sudan, Raça, and numerous short documentaries. Megan served several years on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Executive Committee for Documentary. She has a BA from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and Master’s degrees in Journalism and Latin American Studies from UC Berkeley.