Film phase:Production


Seeds is a documentary that takes a sensitive exploration of an African-American family that has owned their farm for over 100 years. This film is a visual cultural essay that blends the richness of the South to create a photographic portrait of southern black farmers. As one of the few African-American centennial farms left in the nation, Seeds hones onto this notion of reconciling an identity within a place through poetic visual symbolism.

Seeds is a participant of the 2021 (Egg)celerator Lab.



Brittany Shyne looks at the camera and smiles. Black and white shot.

Brittany Shyne is an independent filmmaker working in the narrative and nonfiction artform. Her work seeks to depict the complexity of everyday life by examining themes such as personal histories and cultural modernization. Seeds has received institutional support from The Puffin Foundation, Points North Institute, Sundance Institute, Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), Flies Collective, ITVS, Black Public Media, Cinereach, Firelight Media, and Ford Foundation. The film also has participated in the inaugural PROGRESSIO lab in conjunction with Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and Cineteca Madrid, True/False Film Fest’s PRISM program and Open City Documentary Festival’s Assembly lab. Shyne received her MFA in Documentary Media from Northwestern University.