Always in Season

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When ordinary citizens decide to reenact the lynching of two couples on the very spot where the violence happened, they uncover long-held secrets in a community uneasy with the prospect of justice. Always in Season tells the story of relatives of the perpetrators, victims, and other sin three communities confronting the lingering impact of almost a century of lynching African-Americans. In Laurens, South Carolina, Rev. David Kennedy fights to close a store that sells KKK robes downtown, less than a mile from where his great-uncle was lynched. In Monroe, Georgia, a multiracial group of amateur actors annually reenact a 1946 lynching on the very spot where the violence happened. In Duluth, Minnesota, relatives of the perpetrators and victims of a 1920 lynching confront family secrets while trying to reconcile.


alwaysinseason_jacqueline_olive_CEheadshotTaking an integrated, cross-platform approach to storytelling, Jacqueline Olive directs and produces multimedia projects about the people, places, and cultures that reflect our diverse world. Jacqueline holds an MA from the University of Florida Documentary Institute. She worked for three seasons on the production team of the Emmy® Award-winning PBS documentary series Independent Lens and the PBS WORLD series Global Voices. Jacqueline also co-directed the hour-long documentary film Black to Our Roots, which broadcast on PBS World. Gaining experience as a fellow with the Bay Area Video Coalition and National Black Programming Consortium, Jacqueline happily creates transmedia projects full-time.


Currently in production, Always in Season highlights communities from Georgia to Minnesota where relatives of the perpetrators and victims of lynching are seeking justice and reconciliation. This transmedia project also includes an interactive 3-D, role-playing locale in which visitors can learn how to prevent racism and hate by experiencing the dynamics of a lynch mob in the safety of a facilitated virtual environment. Always in Season has been featured on panels at Media That Matters and the National Conference on Restorative Justice. Radio shows like NPR’s BlackStory have highlighted the film, and the work-in-progress has screened across the country.