Tess Caldwell looks directly at the camera and smiles.


As Communications Intern, Tess supports the communications team with social media and website promotion, graphics creation, and administrative support. Currently, Tess is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Media and Screen Studies at Northeastern University, and is excited to join the team as a part of her co-op curriculum. Prior to joining Chicken & Egg Pictures, Tess had a keen interest in providing individuals and organizations with the tools and resources to run successful media campaigns. She launched her career by dedicating herself to providing support to over a dozen nonprofits, organizations, and campaigns on a consultancy basis. With social justice at the core of her work, she strives to deepen the intersection of arts and social justice. Ultimately, she hopes to take these learnings and apply them to work on criminal justice reform as well as to create engaging documentary films surrounding human rights and environmental injustices.