When Two Worlds Collide

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An indigenous leader forced into exile and facing 20 years in prison for resisting the environmental ruin of Amazonian lands by big business. Refusing to surrender he continues his quest, shedding light on conflicting visions shaping the fate of the Amazon and the climate future of our world.



When Two Worlds Collide is co-directed by Heidi Brandenburg & Mathew Orzel.

Heidi Brandenberg looks at the camera. Black and white portrait.Heidi Brandenburg was raised in Peru and Germany. On graduating from University of Wales, Newport (UWN) she made the biopics Don Silva (2006) and Sonnemann (2006). She co-founded Yachaywasi Films. A passionate cinematographer and creative storyteller, she is always keen to pursue interesting insightful portrayals in character-led documentary film-making beyond usual stereotypes.


Mathew Orzel looks at the camera. Black and white portrait.Mathew Orzel is a documentary producer and visual artist who likewise graduated from UWN. He has since contributed to the making of Don Silva and co-directed Sonnemann, as well as researched and co-developed When Two Worlds Collide. His involvement with this topical venture is an expression of his commitment to documentary journalism around social and environmental issues. This undertaking arises from an interest in the phenomena of tipping points the levels at which the force for change becomes unstoppable. He is focused in making films that combine social action campaigns.



Premiering in 2016, When Two Worlds Collide has won 16 awards worldwide, including the World Cinema Special Jury Award for Best Debut Feature at Sundance, the Best Documentary Film Award at CinemAmbiente, the Golden Goblet Award for Best Documentary Film at the Shanghai Film Festival, and the Grand Jury Prize at DocumentaMadrid.

When Two Worlds Collide is now streaming on Netflix.