The Surrender of Waymond Hall

Film phase: Production


The Surrender of Waymond Hall tells the redemption story of a young black fugitive on the run for the violent crime he committed a decade ago. With extraordinary access, the film follows Way as he wrestles with the excruciating decision to turn himself in, faces the watershed moment of surrender, and navigates a criminal justice system accused of discriminating against people just like him. His story exposes flaws in our societal institutions and in human nature, unfolding against a backdrop of national debates over the divisive racial impact of our criminal justice policies and the remarkable push to reform them.


Jane Greenberg is an independent documentary filmmaker who has worked in a variety of key roles on public television documentaries for 20 years. Most recently she co-produced and edited Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek (America Reframed, 2014). She is most interested in character driven social justice films, and The Surrender of Waymond Hall is her directorial debut. Jane lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two children.