The Mind Game

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When he was just 15, Sajid Khan Nasiri fled Afghanistan alone. After a two-year journey filled with danger and hardships—which he minutely documented on his phone camera—he arrives in Belgium to seek asylum. There, a whole new struggle begins. This Intimate film is a sequel to the prize-winning Shadow Game

The Mind Game is a participant of Project: Hatched 2023.



Photo of the 3 directors togetherThe Mind Game is directed by Eefje Blankevoort (she/her), Els van Driel (she/her), and Sajid “SK” Khan Nasiri (he/him) . Nasiri was one of the main characters in the award-winning documentary Shadow Game and one of the driving forces behind the impact campaign “Protect children on the move.” He has spoken at the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the Croatian Parliament to raise awareness about the violation of the rights of refugee children. He is now learning Dutch and working towards becoming a TikTok journalist, reporting on the lives of displaced teenagers in Europe and the Afghan diaspora.




Producer Laura Verduijn headshot in black and white.Laura Verduijn (she/her) is the Business Manager and Project Manager of Prospektor, where she has worked on films in various fields from from reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda (Love Radio) to the Dutch asylum policy (The Asylum Machine). 






Els van Driel

Eefje Blankevoort

Tina Farifteh 

Nienke Huitenga

Lara Aerts

Khadidja Benouataf