Randall & Me

Randall and Me: Together at Last

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This is a film that works on two levels. There is the face–to-face coming together of two politically polar opposites: Randall, anti-abortion, anti-gay activist, and the filmmaker, Katherin Linton, producer of LGBT media and firmly pro-choice. Then there’s the mutually upsetting and un-foreseen advancement of our two main issues, the rise of the religious conservative right in national politics, sweeping anti-abortion legislation, and unprecedented victories for gay rights.




Katherine Linton smiling at the camera. Black and white portrait.Katherine Linton launched her company Linton Media in 2004 with her first project, The Evolution Will Be Televised, a 90-minute documentary special and the very first program to air on Viacom’s gay channel LOGO. Linton has since executive produced and directed numerous cutting-edge programs for MTV’s series True Life on Homelessness, Traumatic Brain Injury, (both nominated for the SAMHSA Voice Award) and on Prescription Pill Addiction, winner of the 2014 Prism Award. Prior to forming Linton Media, Katherine was an award-winning producer whose documentaries aired on PBS, Sundance Channel, A&E, Logo, VH1, Bravo, TLC and Discovery Health.