Now That We Are Together

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After an unexpected encounter with a group of women attempting to take back the streets, filmmaker Patricia Balderas Castro embarks on a personal and collective journey to understand the violence she has experienced. Against the resurgence of feminist protests in Mexico, she delves into her own history, her mother’s, and those of the women she fights alongside. Through this exploration, she learns that in a violent world, acts of solidarity, creating modes of self-defense, and preserving joy are revolutionary.

Now That We Are Together is a participant of Project: Hatched 2023.




In a black and white picture, Patricia Balderas is smiling after being noticed that her first film was selected in Morelia International Film Festival.Patricia Balderas Castro (she/her) is a feminist Mexican filmmaker, graduate of the National School of Film Arts, and co-founder of the production company Bandada Films. She has worked as a director, producer, editor, screenwriter, fixer, boomer, and sound mixer for production houses and independent projects. Her first film, Now That We Are Together, won both Best Movie Directed by a Woman and Audience Favorite at the Morelia International Film Festival. She has designed training and production projects for community cinema and ludic workshops on sexual harassment in the streets for institutions and civil associations. She was also the coordinator of audiovisual production at FARO Aragón and collaborated at the audiovisual laboratory at CIESAS – CONACyT.




Claudia Ruiz Capdevielle and Patricia Balderas smiles in front of the banner of their movie "Now that we are together" at Morelia International Film Festival. Black & white image.Claudia Ruiz Capdevielle (she/her) holds an MA in Documentary Film from UNAM. She co-edited Now that we are together and supported its production throughout the arduous process to make the film a reality. Currently, she is also working on the impact campaign for this project. Claudia is a co-founder of the production company Bandada Films and director of the documentary Concert for the stubborn, which has been selected in various film festivals around the world. In addition to directing, she has also worked as producer and screenwriter on several film, video, and TV projects.




Michelle Plascencia and Merle Iliná smiles to the camera at Guadalajara International Film Festival. Black & white image.Merle Iliná (she/her) and Michelle Plascencia (she/her) are co-founders of Impacta Cine, an impact production collective based in Mexico which has produced campaigns for a variety of Mexican documentaries focused on human rights, gender, and migration. They organized Good Pitch México in 2020 and 2022.