My Louisiana Love

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Film phase:Completed


A young Native American woman returns to her family in Southeast Louisiana to find a man-made environmental crisis threatening their way of life. While her loved ones suffer displacement, illness, and even suicide, she finds a sense of purpose as an ecological storyteller for her people.


Sharon Linezo smirks at the camera. Black and white portrait.Sharon Linezo Hong is an independent documentary filmmaker based in Cambridge, MA.  Sharon experientially learned filmmaking through her five-years of directing, producing, and co-writing My Louisiana Love, her first full-length documentary. Sharon’s mentors and advisors for this film include Julie Mallozzi, Fernanda Rossi, Robb Moss, and Judith Helfand. Sharon augmented this learning experience by taking classes on film theory and technical training at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. My Louisiana Love has been screening at festivals, museums, and universities, and will be broadcasted on Public Television (2012). Sharon founded Within A Sense, LLC, an independent production company aspiring to create portrait documentaries reflecting on social and environmental issues through personal perspective.