Kick Like A Girl

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Kick Like A Girl is the story of what happens when  The Mighty Cheetahs, an undefeated third grade girls soccer team competes in the boys division. With humor and honesty this documentary reveals the reality of the boy-girl issues and what kicking “like a girl” really means on and off the playing field. The film is narrated by 8-year-old Lizzie, a self described soccer girl, who doesn’t let juvenile diabetes, elbow blocks, or grass stains interfere with her desire to compete. Refreshing and triumphant, Kick Like A Girl reminds us all of the lessons learned in competitive athletics and how sports has been one of the most effective instruments of social change in our lifetime.


Jenny Mackenzie, Ph.D. is an award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her documentary films, educational videos, and Public Service Announcements bring awareness and social change to a wide variety of issues. Jenny is also an inspirational trainer and speaker who captivates and motivates audiences across the globe.