Film phase:Post Production


Intercepted is an 80-minute observational documentary film about the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Its narrative is based on a simple yet shocking juxtaposition of two realities: the reality of Ukrainians who have been suffering and resisting the war violence and the reality of the Russian military, and civilians who have been perpetrating it. We learn about the former through quiet observations of the trail of the war in the cities most affected by it. The latter is built with off-screen voices: conversations of ordinary Russian soldiers in Ukraine who call their friends and relatives in Russia. These heart-to-heart exchanges have been secretly intercepted and then publicly released by the Ukrainian intelligence.

Intercepted is a 2022 Critical Issues Fund grantee.


Oksana Karpovych looking directly at the camera. She has short brown hair and has her hand close to her face. Black and white portrait.

Oksana Karpovych (she/her) is a Ukrainian film writer, director, and photographer born in Kyiv, and currently living and working between Montreal and Kyiv. Her debut feature documentary film Don’t Worry, the Doors Will Open won the New Visions Award at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) in 2019 and received an honorable mention in the Emerging Canadian Filmmaker category at Hot Docs 2020.


Giacomo Nudi looking directly at camera and smiling. He is wearing a white, collared shirt and a light grey vest with black lining. Black and white portrait.

After a career in communications and advertising, Giacomo Nudi (he/him) shifted towards his first passion, cinema. Trained at L’inis, he joined the production company Les Films Outsiders, then co-founded Cosmos Films. With a wealth of experience in production, marketing and impact strategies, he accompanies films from conception to distribution that raise awareness on various social issues and bring forth underrepresented voices to big and small screens.

Rocío Barba Fuentes looking directly at camera. She is standing in front of a wooden paneled wall. She has hazelnut eyes, dark, medium length brown hair, a nose ring, silver earrings and is wearing a blue sweater with black dots. Black and white portrait.

Trained at EICTV in Cuba and L’inis in Montreal, Spanish-born producer Rocío B. Fuentes (she/her) worked in the Caribbean before settling in Montreal, where she joined the production company Les Films Outsiders and co-founded Cosmos Films. A Eurodoc graduate with valuable international experience, she enjoys working with filmmakers with daring visions and underrepresented voices in both fiction and documentary.