From the Shadows #missingirls

Film phase:Completed


Every 8 minutes in India, a child goes missing. Countless are victims of sex trafficking. This film follows two women working against this status quo: One, an artist, relentlessly sprays silhouettes of girls on public walls tagged #missing, calling attention to the loss. The second, an activist, accompanies rescued girls across international borders. These parallel narratives intersect, revealing glimmers of hope, as these women imaginatively challenge a powerful trafficking nexus in their country.

From the Shadows #missingirls is a participant of Project: Hatched 2023.



Miriam Chandy Menacherry Director of From the Shadows. Black and white headshot.Miriam Chandy Menacherry (she/her) is the Founder and Director of Filament Pictures. Her award-winning films are From the Shadows #Missingirls (2022), The Leopard’s Tribe (2022), Lyari Notes (2015), The Rat Race (2011), Robot Jockey (2007), Stuntmen of Bollywood (2005) and a seven-part series on BBC World. Her films have premiered at the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam and been broadcast on Netflix, BBC, Al Jazeera, NGC, TV2, and Arte. Her most recent feature documentary, From the Shadows, had a special screening at SXSW. She was selected in the first cohort of the Global Media Makers Fellowship by Film Independent and the US State Department




Aliya Furniturewala Co Producer of From the Shadows. Black and white headshot.Aalia Furniturewala (she/her) has worked as a producer/director in non-fiction and factual programming for more than a decade, including the social issue films The Leopard’s Tribe (2022), which premiered at IDSFFK; Last Kind of Burma (2015); Robot Jockey (2007); and Stuntmen of Bollywood (2005). 






Sheena Matheiken Co Producer of From the Shadows. Black and white headshot.Sheena Matheiken (she/her) is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and co-founder of ¡Bricolagista!, a subterranean filmmaking collective based between Brooklyn and Mexico City.






Anand Ramayya Co Producer of From the Shadows. Black and white headshot.Anand Ramayya (he/him), founder of Karma Film, is a multiple Gemini Award winning producer focused on filmmaker-driven animation, documentary, and drama.






Gary Byung Seok Kam Co Producer of From the Shadows. Black and white headshot.Gary Byung-Seok Kam (he/him) has produced award-winning documentaries in Korea and worldwide, including Academy Award nominees, and has been an independent filmmaker since 2006.






Triparna Banerjee is the Impact Producer on From the Shadows. Black and white headshot.Triparna Banerjee (she/her) is a screenwriter and filmmaker. Her first film as Associate Producer, Frozen, premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and received multiple global awards, including two National Awards in India. She is a 2019 Global Media Maker Fellow with Film Independent.