Freedom Fields

Film phase: Post Production


In post-revolution Libya, a group of women are brought together by one dream: to play football for their country. Freedom Fields is a film about struggle and sacrifice. At the new dawn of a nation once cut off from the rest of the world, this is a story of following your dreams and aspirations against all odds and at any cost. Through their eyes, we see the reality of a country in transition, where personal stories collide with history.



A British-Libyan artist and filmmaker, Naziha  returned to Libya during the revolution. Coming from a theatre background, Naziha works at the cross section between cinema and activism, producing shorts for Oxfam, UN Women, Hivos, Aljazeera and BBC. Her photographic work has been published online, in print and exhibited internationally. She regularly works as a cinematographer in the MENA region, and is currently working on two feature documentaries in Libya. Naziha is also a HotDocs Blue Ice and a Sundance Lab fellow.