Bidder 70

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Bidder 70 is the story of college student, Tim DeChristopher, who monkey-wrenched the out-going Bush administration’s contentious oil and gas sale with bogus bids of $1.8 million, to save 22,000 acres of Utah’s pristine red rock wilderness. He inspired a movement but paid for it with his future. Bidder 70 is the story a principled young man and the bravery of his commitment to a livable world.




Bidder 70 is co-directed by Beth Gage and George Gage.


bidder70_v2Beth and George Gage, as Gage & Gage Productions, create compelling personal films that inspire viewers, initiate dialogues, and prompt action on provocative issues. Concentrating on the environment and social justice, they present issues underrepresented in the current media. They co-produce and co-direct the films. Additionally, Beth creates the story; George is responsible for the films’ cinematography. The Gages have completed seven long-form documentaries which have been distributed theatrically, on television, educationally, and for consumer DVD. The films have won dozens of awards at national and international film festivals and have been highly acclaimed by film reviewers




Bidder 70 had a successful film festival run, winning 21 festival awards, including Best American Feature film at Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival. We have consumer and educational distribution, are engaged in lots of wonderful community outreach screenings, have had a theatrical run, and are now talking to TV cable stations.