Along the Line

Film phase: Production


Along the Line is a revealing look into the human trafficking epidemic in Vietnam. The film follows multiple Vietnamese girls who bravely faced impossible odds to make it home after being sold, as they emotionally heal and attempt to regain honorable futures. This delicate film confronts the root causes of human trafficking in Vietnam and highlights shelter and reintegration services enabling many young women to regain their lives after escape.

Along the Line is a participant in our Diversity Fellows Initiative, supported by The Harnisch Foundation.


BirkheadHeadshotChristina Birkhead’s background in project management and behavior therapy makes for a perfect fit for storytelling and the problem solving skills needed to produce films. Christina has worked on two feature length documentary films as a line producer and has written and directed one short documentary for the non-profit Reach The Children in Uganda. Along the Line is Christina’s first feature length documentary film.