50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women and Power

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50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women and Power begins when Emmy-nominated filmmaker & founder of The Webby Awards Tiffany Shlain meets Laura Liswood, the Secretary General of the UN Council of Women Leaders, and learns a fact about the history of women and power that completely rocks her world—that there have been over 50 elected women presidents and prime ministers around the world. Shocked, disappointed and, ultimately, inspired in herself for not knowing this fact, Tiffany brings us all along on her journey to rethink the last 10,000 years and ask, where are we really on the greater arc of history of women and power? And what’s it going to take to get to a #5050 world—not just politics and board rooms, but truly shifting the gender balance to be better for everyone.



Tiffany Shlain smiling and looking directly at the camera. She wears a jacket and a hat and has a camera on her shoulder. Black and white portrait.

Tiffany Shlain is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and founder of The Webby Awards. Her films and work have received over 80 awards and distinctions including a Disruptive Innovation Award from Tribeca Film Festival and being listed on NPR’s best commencement speeches. Four of her films have premiered at Sundance, including Connected, which was hailed by the NY Times as “exploring everything from the Big Bang to Twitter,” and Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness, about the importance of reproductive rights. Her original series The Future Starts Here has received over 40 million views.