Chicken & Egg Pictures strives to create and build community at every turn. As we evolve, we are extending our work to create an even broader, richer, and mutually supportive network.

In addition to individual film projects, we collaborate with field-building organizations and film festivals. These partnerships offer Chicken & Egg Pictures opportunities to elevate and celebrate women in the film industry–and to ensure that women are active and vocal participants in industry conversations around artistic, social, and political issues.

  • Academy Foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

    Chicken & Egg Pictures received a FilmCraft grant from the Academy Foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in support of the Accelerator Lab for first- and second-time filmmakers. The Academy’s FilmCraft and FilmWatch grants were established to identify and empower future filmmakers from nontraditional backgrounds, cultivate new and diverse talent, promote motion pictures as an art form, and provide a platform for underrepresented artists.

  • Whicker’s World Foundation

    Whicker’s World Foundation, founded by journalist Alan Whicker in order to encourage a new generation of documentary makers, partnered with Chicken & Egg Pictures to help support the Accelerator Lab for first- and second-time filmmakers.

  • Vimeo

    As part of our Alumni Resources & Support Network, Chicken & Egg Pictures partnered with Vimeo during the 2016 Independent Film Week to put together an event where women filmmakers could mingle and make professional connections with each other and industry professionals from areas across the field.

  • TEDWomen

    Chicken & Egg Pictures partnered with TEDWomen and Lifetime  to produce and screen “Shorts on Time,” a film series consisting of five engaging and inspiring original short films created and directed by women. The films ran two to three minutes each and centered on the theme for the 2016 TEDWomen conference in San Francisco, “It’s About Time.”

  • Lifetime

    In pursuit of their shared goals of elevating women’s voices, Chicken & Egg Pictures partnered with Lifetime and TEDWomen to generate five short films directed by talented women filmmakers. The films ran two to three minutes each and centered on the theme for the 2016 TEDWomen conference, “It’s About Time.” The films are currently hosted on Lifetime’s digital platform.

  • The Harnisch Foundation

    The Harnisch Foundation is a small but mighty private foundation at the forefront of creative, progressive, spirited philanthropy. Since 1998, The Harnisch Foundation has supported effective leaders and creative communities working to advance equality, with a focus on women and girls, and has given over $10 million dollars to thousands of grantees. The Harnisch Foundation supports Chicken & Egg Pictures’ Diversity Fellows Initiative.

  • Good Pitch

    Good Pitch brings together filmmakers with NGOs, foundations, philanthropists, brands, and media around leading social issues to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films, and good for society. The evolution and expansion of Good Pitch offers Chicken & Egg Pictures a unique way to expand our international reach and support for women filmmakers from the U.K. to Mumbai to Buenos Aires to Australia.


    DOC NYC celebrates documentary storytelling and encourages its new directions. Every year, Chicken & Egg Pictures curates and presents two panels as part of the organization’s intensive four-day Doc-A-Thon. We explore critical questions and share best practices in real time through the triumphs and struggles of women filmmakers. Chicken & Egg Pictures filmmakers are featured on the panels with the guest editors, composers, and publicists that are part of our mentorship program.