The Racial Terror Project

Film phase:Development


The Racial Terror Project VR is a groundbreaking immersive virtual reality, room-scale installation in which users time travel along the last route of Claude Neal, who was brutally hunted down and lynched by a mob of white men in Florida in 1934, and meet his descendant community today and his ancestors in the era of slavery. The Racial Terror Project tells the story of how our present-day lived experiences of racial violence and discrimination reflect a long, insufficiently-acknowledged history of white racial oppression that dates back to slavery and continues today.


Michèle Stephenson pulls from her Panamanian and Haitian roots to tell compelling, personal stories. Her work has appeared on a variety of platforms, including PBS and Showtime. Her film,  American Promise, was nominated for three Emmy® Awards, including Best Documentary. She was recently awarded the Chicken & Egg Pictures Breakthrough Filmmaker Award, and is a Guggenheim Fellow and Skoll/Sundane Storytellers of Change Fellow.

Joe Brewster uses his psychiatrist training to inform the social issues he tackles as a filmmaker.  Brewster is a Spirit Award and three-time Emmy® Award nominee.  His documentary, American Promise, won the Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize.  Brewster’s outreach accomplishments include a BRITDOC Impact Award for developing one of the most innovative impact campaigns.