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It’s 1992 and Milisuthando is enjoying her sheltered AF childhood in “Transkei”, a dodgy ethnic homeland where, even though apartheid is raging 100 km away, she has no idea of the impending racial calamity beyond her hometown. When Transkei is suddenly dissolved at the end of apartheid, 8-year-old Mili becomes a member of the first generation of black kids to attend “Whites Only” schools. Through a cast of contrary characters, Milisuthando (Working Title) revisits the interiors of the “New South Africa”, exploring how racial prejudice and interracial bonding played out in the everyday. And why today, the kids are not all right.

Milisuthando (Working Title) is a participant of the 2019 (Egg)celerator Lab.


Milisuthando (Working Title) Milisuthando BongelaMilisuthando Bongela is an award-winning writer, editor, and cultural worker with experience in the media, publishing, fashion, art, and film industries in South Africa. Over the last 12 years, her written and cultural work has explored the post-apartheid condition, concerned with the intimate manifestations of race and racism in the everyday and shared intimate spaces. She is currently directing her first feature length documentary on race, love and growing up in the new South Africa.