I’m the impact producer of the project, can I apply?

To be eligible, the project must be directed or co-directed by a woman or non-binary filmmaker. Additional team members who are key to a successful impact campaign, such as producers and impact producers, may collaborate with the director to submit their application. Please note that the primary contact of the application should be the director(s).

I have more questions. How can I get in touch?

For questions regarding our open call that are not addressed in the FAQ, please reach out to us at ph_opencall@chickeneggpics.org.

Can I apply more than $15,000 USD to my impact campaign?

Yes. You can use the full $30,000 USD for your impact campaign if you have covered all your completion expenses.

I completed and premiered my film but I am still paying post-production expenses. Can I use the completion portion of the grant to pay expenses already incurred?

Yes. $15,000 USD of the grant must be used for your film’s impact campaign. The other $15,000 USD can be used to pay post-production expenses already incurred, including you or your team’s time compensation during the completion stage.

My film did not have a festival premiere and has instead been shown as part of community and public screenings. Is the film eligible?

No, community and public screenings are not eligible.

Does the world premiere have to be in the US?

We welcome films with international premieres. As long as the film has premiered or will premiere by March 2023, there are no restrictions for the festival’s geographic location. Confirmation that the festival took place and that your film screening is listed in the festival’s programming is required.

Does the world premiere have to be at specific film festivals?

No, any festival premiere is accepted but it must be a curated film festival and open to the public.

Why must my film have had its world premiere in or after April 2022, or have a confirmed world premiere taking place before March 2023?

The goal of the Project: Hatched 2023 grant is to support films that have an active impact campaign, or are about to launch one, and are ready to apply the grant funds towards this strategy. If your film premieres after March 2023, you will be able to apply for our next Project: Hatched Open Call, taking place in late 2023.

I received support from Chicken & Egg Pictures in the past. Am I eligible for Project: Hatched 2023?

Previously-supported AlumNest filmmakers are eligible for Project: Hatched 2023 if they are applying with a project that has not been supported by Chicken & Egg Pictures.

Does my application have to be written in English?