I applied to the first and/or second round of AlumNest Relief Fund and received a grant. Can I apply again?

Yes. If you’re continuing to experience a financial emergency due to COVID-19, you may apply for Round 3 of funding.

If you can’t give grants to all eligible AlumNest filmmakers, how will you choose which filmmakers receive a grant?

While we will try our best to raise all necessary funds, if we are not able to, we strongly believe the most impartial way of selecting applicants is through a lottery process as it will give all qualifying filmmakers who applied an equal chance to receive the grant.

Our team will confirm eligibility for all applicants before running the applications through the lottery. We will generate a list of all eligible applicants and input their email addresses through a secure random selection tool. We will input the number of grants we can provide and have the randomized generator select email addresses at random.

I’m a producer, can I apply?

In order to apply, you must have been supported by Chicken & Egg Pictures as a director or co-director. 

I’m a male co-director, can I apply?

In line with our primary mission, only women and gender nonconforming directors may apply to the AlumNest Relief Fund.

I was forwarded information about the AlumNest Relief Fund, can I apply?

Only women and gender nonconforming directors previously supported by Chicken & Egg Pictures can apply.

When will I receive the grant?

50 grants per week will be processed starting the week of March 1  until the week of March 8. Although this is not a first-come first-served process, we will process grants in the order in which we receive the final materials.

Will I have to pay taxes on this grant?

Yes. All grants above $500 are taxable and must be declared as income. We considered granting $500 for that reason but we preferred to try and give more even though you will be taxed. If granted, you will have to submit a W-9 or W-8BEN form. Women Make Movies will send you 1099s if you are required to pay US taxes. 

Will I have to provide additional information for the grant to be disbursed?

Yes. If granted, you will receive an email asking you to send us the following documents: 

  • A completed and signed grant letter (including your mailing address and email address for US tax form 1099)
  • A completed and signed W-9 form (for those who pay taxes in the US) or a W-8BEN form (for those who do not pay taxes in the US)
  • A completed and signed bank information form

Can I use this grant to pay the salary of a team member?

No. As part of our guiding principles, we trust that you will use this grant to pay for your living costs such as rent or mortgage, childcare, utilities, groceries, medical costs, or to pay for professional support and/or medication related to mental or emotional health.