The deadline to apply for the Project: Hatched 2023 grant is approaching and I haven’t heard back from the festival I submitted my film to. Can I send a roughcut and let you know when I hear back from the festival?

Unfortunately, we are only able to consider films who will have a confirmed premiere by Tuesday, January 17, 2023. We have seen that films premiering by March 2023 will likely have received their premiere confirmation by the time Project: Hatched 2023 Open Call closes, on Tuesday,  January 17. We understand delays may happen– if your film receives a festival premiere confirmation within two weeks after the deadline, please contact us to discuss the possibility of considering your application. 

Please note that without a festival premiere or confirmed premiere, your application will be marked ineligible and removed from our review process. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we will not be able to notify you that your application has been disqualified.

How many projects do you select?

Ten (10) projects will be selected to receive a Project: Hatched 2023 grant.

Who is eligible to apply to Project: Hatched 2023?

Project: Hatched 2023 supports US and international women and non-binary directors who are exploring a range of social justice themes and issues taking place globally through their film and impact campaign. Co-directing teams where one director is a woman or non-binary filmmaker are eligible. In this case, please note that the primary contact of the application should be the woman or non-binary director.

Do shorts, medium-length and feature-length documentaries receive the same grant amount through Project: Hatched?

Yes. All selected projects will receive a $30,000 USD grant, with at least $15,000 USD to be allocated for an impact campaign. Although shorts usually have smaller budgets than feature-length films, the cost of strategizing, building, and launching an impact campaign can be similar.

How does Chicken & Egg Pictures define what constitutes a film with social justice themes?

We’re passionate about films that address the global injustices, human rights, and environmental issues of our time. Films can explore these issues through a variety of artistic approaches (i.e. personal story, experimental, animated, essayistic, etc). For examples of films we have funded, you can see past grantees from 2020-2022 by scrolling to the end of Project: Hatched webpage.

Does Chicken & Egg Pictures support political films?

As a 501(c)(3), Chicken & Egg Pictures does not support films or projects related to influencing, directly or indirectly, a political campaign for public office in the US or internationally, regardless of the timing of the film’s release.

If you are unsure about your film’s eligibility, you can email us at with a description of your film project.

Does my application have to be written in English?


I applied to previous versions of Project: Hatched. Can I apply again?

Yes! You are welcome to apply again if your film meets all the criteria listed in the eligibility section above.

I received support from Chicken & Egg Pictures in the past. Am I eligible for Project: Hatched 2023?

Previously-supported AlumNest filmmakers are eligible for Project: Hatched 2023 if they are applying with a project that has not been supported by Chicken & Egg Pictures.

I’m the impact producer of the project, can I apply?

To be eligible, the project must be directed or co-directed by a woman or non-binary filmmaker. Additional team members who are key to a successful impact campaign, such as producers and impact producers, may collaborate with the director to submit their application. Please note that the primary contact of the application should be the director(s).